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Enough IS Enough

There are a lot of things in our lives that we try to do – rightly or wrongly, successfully or unsuccessfully – because, being a grown-up, pressure is just an avoidable part of the game. But I’ve come to realise that putting too much of it on yourself is as much a recipe for disaster as doing nothing at all.

source: deviantART.com
Slave by CalvinHollywood (c)

The worst kind of pressure is the kind we put on ourselves. ‘I should’… I should be trying harder, achieving more. But who’s there to say, “Actually, no… you’ve done plenty. You’ve done the best you can with what you have”?  Life has no HR Department or workers’ union. Your slave-driver is also your shop stewart, line manager and co-worker. That’s all you.

Recently, I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of work deadlines, pet projects and family commitments. Wanting to do it all, yet at the same time resenting having to do it all. It’s been go, go, go and I’ve been right there… A willing participant: happily taking on every new task, promising the world, and then – when reality strikes – secretly hating everyone that I’ve promised anything to. I have delivered, though; in some cases slowly, in others unsatisfactorily, but in most – outstandingly.

But when the worker doesn’t do (any part of) their job as they should, who is accountable? The boss. When the boss gets mad and needs someone to blame, who gets it? The worker. The thing is, when those two people are one in the same, it creates a problem.

I do try. I try hard. But when I feel that I’m failing, my counsellor is me – the same person who already thinks I’m pathetic. It’s hard to cut yourself any slack when you are the person that you’re disappointing. I’m realising that the boss in me has to be more understanding. The employee in me has to be more realistic. And my job is to make sure that both those things happen by remembering that I’m only human.

You don’t always need above and beyond… Sometimes. enough. really is. enough.

Image: CalvinHollywood (c)

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