Do you see yourself as phenomenal? What is it that makes you phenomenal? First-time contributor, L8Bloomer, sees the phenomenon in her reflected back in everything she does for and within her family. Here, she shares why she is a phenomenal female.

source: deviantART.com
Phenomenal Woman by Renee N (c)

Culturally we are matriarchs with little instruction on how to carry out this mammoth task. I’ve come to realise that when chips fall, it’s up to the woman to collect them all and put them back to their rightful place, wherever that may be. Unfortunately, there are many incidents in our lives that we can tag as darn-right exceptional, stupendous or even dazzling, but not phenomenal. As much as a duty is being carried out, diligently or not, I feel the triumphant results thereof should be distinguished.

I’ve decided to note the word phenomenal as a collective of what my strength of character is within my materfamilias duties. When supper is on the table at 19H00, and the dishes thereof done within the hour, exceptional.  When my toddler is courteous, that’s unparalleled.

The fortitude that gets me going through it all, that’s what makes me a phenomenal female.

L8B aka L8Bloomer describes herself as a former bookworm who learned a lot academically but lacked the experiential factor of life, hence she has always associated herself with her elders for case studies. With age, her collective experiences corroborated what she already knew to be. Her studious nature equipped her with the ability to segregate feelings and emotions from truths and facts. Emotionally she’s strong and can take a punch better than most but still struggles to comprehend the lack of intellect in the train of thought exhibited in the actions of her peers and elders. This current installment in her life is somewhat challenging as there’s no reliable or conclusive literature on “How to remain self in your life”. GrownNSexy is a platform she’s using to reel in her naïve confident self back to the future.

Image: Renee N (c)

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