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In her first 2012 contribution, Keitu Reid shares her own personal prayer for the road yet to be travelled. Her words should remind us all that there is still much to do, but with a little faith we just might get through it all.

source: deviantART.com
Pray by Demonflame (c)

I pray that I may wake to find this day more satisfying than the last.

What is to live if the experience of this day is not heightened because I have walked this path;

shouldn’t it be more predictable.

I pray that I may have the patience to wait.

Wait for You to guide me closer to realising every dream I have ever had.

I catch myself wanting these dreams now.

At times I think without them I will lose hope and forget.

I do not want to do that.

Offer me persistence by making certain that I always remember how it will be one day.

That I may not be so intimidated by the setbacks.

They are really quiet scary because I rethink to the confusion of it all;

and worry that I will be spun in the same web of self doubt and restlessness.

I pray to believe in You in the way You need me to believe.

The things that happen can steer me away from the focus that is needed.

But I am You and You are me.

Not believing in You means I have little faith in me… I need to believe in us.

I pray for special beauty.

In my mind I know it is there but I consume myself with thought and forget to see.

I wonder if I took the time to see – wouldn’t everything be a little bit better.

Don’t take the sun away just yet – one day I will let it soothe me.

I pray that I can find true love.

In no way have I ever felt that true love is impossible though I have been called mad.

I accept it as true in the way that I accept happy endings as true.

I pray that I speak words that soothe and make people trust their hearts.

Kindness, I think, is the key to soften even the hardest truth.

I pray to change the world even in the smallest way.

I consider always when I die what they will say.

I hope they remember that I helped them;

I strengthened them, I touched them, I loved them, I shared with them…

I do not want to leave this world without having changed one life at the very least.

Then I wouldn’t be able to face You.

What would I have done with my time?


By @keitureid

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Image: Demonflame (c)

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