GNS Podcast – Episode 005 ‘The Bystander Effect’

Sociologists claim that human beings are less likely to help each other the more people there are around. Is this a universal truth? On today’s episode, we discuss the Bystander Effect and try to see where we each fit in to this social phenomenon and if there’s anything we can do to change it?

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The Bystander Effect. It’s a scary thing… Remember the old adage ‘there’s safety in numbers’? According to this theory, the opposite is actually true. As human beings in a crowd – instead of helping someone in trouble – our instinct is to transfer the responsibility onto the next person. You might think that’s a reasonable reaction in a situation where there’s a lot of people around, but it’s actually a vicious cycle because conformity is also part of our hard-wiring… If you do nothing, I do nothing and the rest of us do nothing too.

Today’s conversation is based on the following video clip. I’d suggest you take a look at it first, take note of your own reaction, then listen to the podcast. You may be surprised. Whatever the outcome, I’d love to know.

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GrownNSexies – UndahDogg, Second Sun

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