Perfect is as perfect does

I woke up this morning on a ‘fat and disgusting day’ – as many ladies sometimes do. I wasn’t loving myself; so I can only explain it as serendipity that I came across a post on the Marie Claire blog about their Body Issue. All I can say is it turned my whole day around.

In the run-up to their famous body issue, the magazine asked six South African advertising agencies to design posters that “challenge our perceptions on what the perfect body is”.  I know I have my own ideas about the answer to that question. We all do. But I reckon it’s a problem of terminology. Knowing that nobody is perfect (I mean, we’re taught that from the time we’re toddlers), is it not natural to therefore conclude that perfection in any form is something that is outside of yourself?

You think to yourself, the perfect body is definitely not your body. But the fact of the matter is, the perfect body does not exist. Ask that model/actress/TV personality/colleague/friend/family member that you envy if she thinks her body is perfect. You know what the answer will be? A resounding NO! So if perfect does not exist, what’s stopping you from defining it for yourself? What’s stopping you from deeming yourself perfect?

While you think about it, have a look at what the wonderful creative minds in SA’s ad industry came up with:

Ad by the Jupiter Drawing Room
Ad by the Jupiter Drawing Room
Ad by TBWA
Ad by TBWA
Ad by Canvas Lifestyle
Ad by King James RSVP


Ad by M&C Saatchi


Ad by Ogilvy


So, are you ready to be perfect?


  1. Love all your “imperfections”, that fat around ur tummy, the sagging arm when u wave goodbye, the thighs that rub together, the “big” breasts, the reverse ya mhlaba and u will live a happy life. People always talk and they wont stop talking. Its ur body so if anyone has a problem with it, it has nothing to do with you, they just find it hard to accept themselves.

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