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We all have our dreams, but how seriously do we take them? That is the difference between giving up and giving chase. Keitu ‘BlackScribe’ Reid makes the argument that the world was actually built on dreams and urges us all to keep holding on.

Castles and Dreams by Carlos Henrique Reinesch (c)

I received an sms from my friend Kim. All it said was, “Can you call me”. Instinctively sensing that something was not quite right, I called her immediately and asked, “What’s wrong?”

I was panicked.

“Nothing”, she replied.

“Hmmm” I thought. From her dejected voice I could tell something was wrong and I wished with all my heart that my arms could go through the telephone line and come out on her side to give her a huge heartfelt hug.

“What’s wrong Kim”, I provoked further. Finally she came out with it. She wants to quit her job. She has had it. She said she cries herself to sleep at night because she puts so much into what she does and she doesn’t seem to be getting anything out of it. Momentum is slow and I personally suspected she feels like she is getting little acknowledgment.

“Life’s a b*tch” I thought quietly to myself. How do I help her? Is she is crazy to think she can quit? What would she do next?

See, Kim doesn’t have a random job. I can’t tell you what she does in order to protect her identity – but I will tell you that she is incredibly talented. She is talented in that obvious-God-given-talent kind of way. Her talent is unquestionably pure and stunningly raw.  As a friend, surely I should make her see sense… but how?

I spoke from the heart and sent her an email that said ‘You have to know that God gave you a beautiful gift – and art is the closest way that we humans try to emulate the essence of God’. I meant those words with all of my heart yet I was afraid she wouldn’t believe it because at times even I can’t bring myself to trust in the very words I wrote in that email.

That is what happens when conditions of the world are such that your goals seem unreachable and a waste of time. All the voices that say “you are great” sound fictitious. You start thinking that your talent is a joke and that God is playing a trick on you. That He is making you believe in something that is not really there. You think – surely if I was talented then I would be acknowledged and I would be enabled to make a living?

Well. You are right. Sort of. Sometimes.

Sometimes you do the most incredible things and people only realise it after you are dead – we all know about Van Gogh. Sometimes people realise you are a legend but hardly come to understand you as they should – think Brenda Fassie. And other times your talent is 100% appreciated overnight – like Zahara. There is no method. There is no guarantee.

I wish I could give Kim the certainty that she will be recognised for her work. I long to tell her she has nothing to worry about because people welcome and understand ALL art. But they don’t – people have too much to consume and I trust that only the persistent survive. I know many people who are hugely talented, yet deliberately bury their gifts in dark secret places and, as such, the world will never know what hidden miracles lurk around us.  These people had expectations that perhaps were not written for them. But more critically, they didn’t believe.

So what Kim – and all of us, really – needs to have is blind faith. Faith that these gifts we have are not scams pulled by God or the Universe. Because if no one had faith then there would be no space travel. Rockets were launched and didn’t come back – but we tried until we landed on the moon. Sicknesses have been cured because we tried and never gave up. Marathons have been completed by men that doctors said would die, mountains have been climbed and oceans have literally been crossed due to man’s ability to keep on going and keep on moving.

As for artists like Kim – they help us find our feelings with music; and provoke our sight with beautiful paintings. Their architecture has altered the form of the world and their poetry moves our spirit. Their photography captures our many moments and, when you put all of this together, we have insight into the detailed diary of mankind’s fluctuating soul.

Yes, right now the world may not be accepting of Kim’s dreams; perhaps yours too. But we have to have faith because there is a place for all our work in this world. There has to be. Why else would we have the thoughts and cravings that we have? Imagine if we all flippen gave up! If none of us believed we could make a change or an impact to this world… Then we would have no lollipops and candyfloss; no pyramids or Eiffel Tower; no fireworks and champagne; no Michael Jackson or Jay-Z; no airplanes and motor bikes; no Mother Theresa and Steve Biko; no phones and laptops. If we gave up, the world would have never moved forward.

So when dreams are unreachable and life seems hard, do you give up? You can’t. Because your dreams are your happiness. They hint at want you can or can’t do – you wouldn’t dream about it if you didn’t think it would make you happy. I really don’t think the universe is that cruel. I do not believe that God is so mean that he would just plant such creativity, ingenuity and passion in our hearts. He is kind. That why he gives us dreams.

Dreams are God etching out his purpose for you. So please don’t give up on them and suffocate them with the security of a different livelihood because you are afraid. Instead, go forward and see where your journey takes you. Perhaps you will alter the course of the whole wide world. Perhaps you will just help five people. But you know what? To them you would have made a world of difference. Either way – you will transform something or someone….or YOU.

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Image: Carlos Henrique Reinesch (c)

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