#HumpdayHymnal: ‘Back for More’ [Review]

Law is back again! This time he reviews the latest offering from the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff with 25-year-old Ayah – ‘Back for More’ – and shows us that good music is still alive and well. Don’t believe it? Click here for a free download and see for yourself.

source: bandcamp.com

Oh Lord… For people my age group – grown; musically articulate, literate and learned; sexy; inspired and musically inclined. For people who have flash backs when anything from the Temptations to Keith Sweat is mentioned, for those who remember Prince, Mint Condition, Brownstone and Total. This album is going to blow you away.

I have been doing reviews on free albums lately for the simple fact that most people don’t know how to buy music online and a lot of good stuff is not available at your local music store. Trust me, I frequent all of them and they cater for the more popular music consumer. So, just to prove that a lot of music online is not “leaked” or “bootlegged” here is another free album.

If we fall in that category of beings I mentioned earlier, we all know the legendary Jazzy Jeff. For those in the dark, well… maybe you should just stay there! As for Ayah? I didn’t know her either, tried doing research on her but her appearance on the interwebs is limited. All I know is she is a multitalented & self-taught singer / songwriter / composer, 25 years old – and gentlemen, yes she is indeed a classic beauty. She has two other albums – ‘Problem Woman’ and ‘4:15’, which I will give a chance later; right now I’m too engrossed in this rich exhilarating experience called ‘Back for More’…

Her music is a fusion of classic soul/RnB/Rock/Funk but the soul permeates through like a good perfume from skin through layers of clothing. A refreshing album meant for chilling and sipping on a good cognac or pinotage in the summertime, while having grown folk conversation. Hell, you could even throw in the kids running around wild in the streets or, in our current living conditions, backyard! You get the picture.

The album is produced by Jeff (Jazzy) Townes, James Poyser and Demien DeSandies (Google James Poyser – his bio is too long, he was part of the production team that produced my favourite Roots album of all time “Things Fall Apart”). Loved all the tracks, which makes it all the more difficult to review individual tracks.

‘Press Play’ introduces the album with a sample from ‘Joy’ by Blackstreet – you know the part were they harmonize just before the first verse? That serves as a backdrop for an upbeat up-tempo track with lots of flavour. We jump to track two, also upbeat fused with lots of messages like “The hardest thing in life is to enjoy it… I think that I’mma start right now”

‘Notorious’ is the first single off the album, which really just solidifies Jazzy Jeff as a hip hop and Neo Soul Pioneer. Remember he established “a touch of Jazz productions” which solidified Jill Scott and Musiq’s careers. Jeff is not playing! The horns on the track fly over a solid baseline with Ayah adding the needed honey voice to the track.

‘One Life’, featuring Tona has that baseline that sounds like a grown man being honest, vulnerable and pouring out soul all over the place. The violins sweeten the track like brown sugar in a good cup of java. Ayah never disappoints, I can’t believe she is only 25.

I would love to write about each track but time and space won’t allow me, I have to mention my favourite track though. ‘Forgive Me Love’ is that track for me, the piano chords introduce Ayah apologising earnestly from the heart. Ooh… a moment please…

Ok, just listen to the album, its free for crying out loud! Other stand out tracks for me: ‘Baby’ and ‘Be Alright’ – the latter being a very inspirational song; likeable but laden with heartfelt inspirational messages (this should be the next single).

The fact is, if you don’t like this album… “ache, ha ke sa tseba kannete” (I really don’t know anymore)!

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