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As the Curtain Rises

The day has finally come. GrownNSexy.co.za is here and we here on the GNS team can scarcely believe that we’ve made it happen. It’s been a long road, but one we didn’t even know we were travelling on until not so long ago.

Source: deviantART.com
The Genesis by Starlight-Arkaman

The idea for GrownNSexy came into being after what was arguably the roughest year of all our lives. In the midst of celebrating the fact that 2010 was finally over, we all suddenly stopped to look around and realised that we had made it through in one piece!

What was clear was that we probably wouldn’t have fared as well if we didn’t have each other. All those broke-ass weekends spent drinking cheap vodka and dipping deep into our 90s music collections as we ranted, raved and philosophised. Finding out (usually the hard way) that, as good as it sounded, the key to true happiness wasn’t simply following your heart. Stressing about jobs, clients, money, kids and relationships. All of that was what saved us, because we did it together.

Throughout all our impromptu braais and late-night listening sessions, we also laughed, cheered and celebrated together. The genesis of GrownNSexy was really that sense of community that we shared. Knowing that you are not alone; that you have people to lean on, learn from and share with.  To be honest, use of the term itself came out of a certain self-satisfied smugness. “Oh, we’re picnicking in the park instead of sleeping off a hangover. Now *that’s* GrownNSexy!”. “I got the latest [insert old school neo-soul/hip-hop artist’s name here] album. GrownNSexy baby!”

What we didn’t realise at the time was that we were only that chuffed with ourselves because what we were doing was something that we all needed. Our generation grew up believing that the best thing you could ever be was an ‘individual’. [“Unique. That’s what you are. Unique. You’re one of a kind”. *Everybody sing along!*] Yet, ironically, that drive for uniqueness is also what connects us all.

Think of your friends. How wonderfully diverse and beautiful are they? We all have a shared experience of time and space, yet it miraculously manifests itself in a kaleidoscope of different personalities, passions and challenges. There’s so much more to each of us than just the jobs we have, where we live or the cars we drive. There’s the real stuff too and it’s amazing how often that real stuff overlaps, no matter how different we are. And so that is what GrownNSexy is: that time (Grown) and space (Sexy) that we each have, do and still hope to occupy.

It’s strength, creativity, conviction, humility, acceptance, growth and most of all – community… Because we all come from the same place. So welcome to it! We really look forward to getting to know you and your own personal GrownNSexy. And together we will celebrate the similarities and learn from the differences.

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