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The Secret of Life

A vague notion if ever there was one. But one thing is clear: if Happiness, is Love, is Life, then…

Happiness = GrownNSexy!

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!” ~ Owens Lee Pomeroy

Lights making abstract lines
Lights Making Abstract Lines by John Rensten/Corbis (c)

What is the secret of life? A vague and mysterious question; but existential enigmas are the very stuff of scientific and otherwise inspired exploration. And so the profound archives of human history practically exclusively comprise records, hypotheses, tall tales, philosophical theorems and all manner of catalogues detailing wins, losses, and agree-to-disagree-isms; hard-fought on the quest for knowledge and perpetuated by the great knowledge-seekers that have, along the way, either been relegated to myth, legend, or absolute truth status. This hasn’t served our race badly; I mean without trial and error, and subsequent knowledge gained, how would we ever know we were on the right path?

And yet, the fact of our complete complacency in the New Age makes those pioneering adventurers and progressive cultural propagators (past and present) a bunch of idealistic, hopeless dreamers, and the rest of us, a bunch of hypocrites.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

We are all concerned that if our countrymen sit back, do nothing and accept the outsourced shaping of our destinies for long enough, our words will eventually come to nothing, we will have no voice. But our collective voice – divided, incoherent, and inconsistent – can only be refined by a rigorous introspection at the level of the individual towards a resounding, progressive voice. This can start simply, as daunting as it may appear, with a young excursion, back to the basics. What you know for sure, as one of our popular culturists would say.

Still easier said than done. We would have to get rid of the noise first. Ay, there’s the rub:

Coupled with the more misjudged, incongruous excerpts from our ancient traditions that we are prone to subscribe to in the most astonishing and unquestioning of ways, the new technological age – a subtle juggernaut of a paradigm shift which seems to flout the unspoken laws of custom and provide a freedom and connection we have come to require as an essential component of the balancing act we perform each day – can actually add to the alluring cacophony of messages which did not originate from THE SELF, from YOU; and to which we are unrelentingly exposed, and from which we are too scared and spellbound to turn away and explore other means. [Ed: That’s ok. Take your time and read that again]

And let’s be real about it, most of us do not aspire to be monks, spiritually perfectly balanced and completely isolated, lotus-sat atop a snowy peak in theHimalayas. Most of us would simply like to know how to find peace and synergy in our own lives right now, with our jobs/career path, families, expectations, responsibilities, social life, inner life, etc and to be able to access that space effortlessly, and encompass that peaceful, happy energy entirely.

I’m not Pema Chodron, by any stretch of the imagination, or Dr. Chopra, nor Dr. Winfrey, nor Dr. Mathai. But I do have a suggestion, a venue option, if you will. You do not need to be a master of the meditative arts to be quiet, to be still, to open yourself to the possibility of true connection with others of your ilk and be a source of true, childlike happiness, guaranteed.

You may find that first tentative step is all that you need to catalyse the latent sense of reciprocity within, and you let your own love and wisdom flow forth unto your brothers, becoming part of a whole, bringing balance to all, and to self.

SO WHERE IS THIS PLACE?? That’s what makes it so simple. If the secret of life for the young at heart and urban centers around the search for personal truth; the conducting of all interactions from a premise of love; to be joyful and to spread joy; the ability to shut negativity out and quieten the mind; and the willingness to open and expand your mind, then the balance mechanism will comprise a melding of the old (meant here as the comforting), the real (the anchoring implements of everyday life as a younger, freer version of yourself), and the now.

Enter: GrownNSexy – for grown folks who wanna be sexy on the inside too. A multimedia platform for the Forgotten Ones (not quite “youth”, not quite “middle- aged” by the standard of the day, and for whom the abovementioned is of particular and growing importance) – to be, to share, to speak, to be heard, to get nostalgic, to get sentimental, to get romantic, to find comfort, to find friends, find REAL community, find ourselves, all over again. Together.

We can see those hard-working, over-analytical minds working overtime to glean the specifics, establish the structure. Don’t do that. It’s ok.

Authentic oldskool meets the best of popular culture @ www.grownnsexy.co.za. We launch one of our features, #VanTukkaFridays, tomorrow as well. Just go there. Check it out, cop a feel. Something tells me you shall find what you seek. You will be truly amazed at how simple it is to go from ‘Doing You’ to ‘Being You’.

Talk about using the past to positively influence the future.

Image: John Rensten/Corbis (c)

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