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The Evolution of Motivation

Source: deviatART.com
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According to AntonVolney the ‘Pain-to-Passion’ transition is the next step in the evolution of motivation. Running away from negativity is so last century! The motivation of the future will come from finding your passion and moving towards healthy positive emotions.

Volney’s premise is simple: If you are motivated by wanting to be a better you, it reinforces that the ‘you’ that you are right now is not good enough. He says that while this approach works in the short term, it is not truly sustainable. People who are motivated by “more” and “better” may end up being successful but they cannot enjoy it. They burn out, become bitter and more often than not end up neglecting other important areas of their lives.

What should you be doing right now to ensure your place in this next wave of motivation? Volney sets out three steps:

  1. Stop using negativity to motivate yourself
  2. Accept yourself as you are, and
  3. Identify your true passion and purpose to motivate yourself with happy, positive emotions.

He says that by using passion as a motivator, you connect powerful emotions like joy, enthusiasm and anticipation to your daily life and in his own rather flowery way he explains the benefits: “Because you’ve created a compounding loop of joy and awesomeness in your life, you will radiantly attract good people and high quality relationships to your life”, he says. [See? Flowery.]

How to make the Pain-to-Passion transition

  1. Let go of the negative reasons for success; accept yourself as you are. This might seem more difficult than it is so here’s a tip: If you have trouble accepting yourself, or the events of the past, accept that you refuse to accept the past, and see what happens.
  2. Discover what you love. Don’t worry about if it’s possible; just be open to whatever comes to mind. In this day and age, with the rise of things like the internet and social media, it’s literally a thousand times easier to live your passion.
  3. Debunk all of your excuses for not following your dream. You might already know what your passion is, but have a ton of excuses for why you haven’t followed it.
  4. Make a plan. Figure out what needs to get done so that you could really enjoy doing what you love. Do you need some business skills? What books might you need? What would you need to learn or do?
  5. Take the first step. Knowing what your passion is isn’t enough.  If you don’t take some action, you’re simply deluding yourself. This is also why most goals fail.

So what do you say, GrownNSexies? Do you see some truth in this? Are you next-generation or the link that Darwin missed?  :p

Image: adriansalamandre (c)

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